The Bad Woman – A Short Story

The Bad Woman Short Story JK Neve

Dad says if the bad woman comes, I should hide under my blanket.

It only works some of the time. She just stands there. I know this, because I can hear her breathing. It’s loud and it hurts my ears as much as it did when she used to scream at me.

Dad says if she doesn’t go away, I should say in my loud voice, “Leave us alone!” But the last time I tried this, she did the opposite and came too close, her icy breath penetrating the blanket, turning my sobs into shivers.

Dad says when that happens, I should say, “It wasn’t our fault.” He also says I should ask her if she’s taken her medicine. I’ve not asked her that. It feels wrong.

Dad has never said I should call him. Guess she won’t listen to him either. 

He says, I shouldn’t listen to what she tells me, it’s not true. Mum fell down the stairs by accident.